Exercise Bike/ At Home Work Out Equipment

Are exercise bikes any good? Are exercise bikes good for belly fat/weight loss? Which exercise bike should I buy? Etc.,

I mean, hell yea! Exercise bike is the best form of exercise for multiple reasons.

5 Reasons Why You Will Love Exercise Bike?

  1. Convenient & Compact: no matter the weather outside you can get your workout done without any excuse. A full body workout right there at the comfort of your home, especially now when getting things done for on home is the only priority on top of the list. And, it barely takes any space in the house.
  2. One time investment: affordable than any gym membership. If you are mom and work from home in the year 2020. This is just what you need.
  3. Quick Workout: A stroll around the block sounds good but you can burn the same calories in half the time with stationary bike.
  4. Low maintenance: I have been using mine every day for over a year now no I have not had to do any maintenance. Occasionally you will need to oil it if its manual operated.
  5. Safe & effective: even if you don’t know how to ride a bicycle you can totally get this. And most articles and studies imply a stationary bike to be safer when compared to a thread mill which tends to not be gentle on one’s joints. I used and was totally approved by my doctor to use stationary bike during my pregnancy too.

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