How to wear bright colors & bold prints without it being too bold?

One day I opened my closet looking for something nice & colorful to wear with some cute prints & all I could see was these same old plain blacks & grays (oh boy, if that isn’t the most frustrating thing ever!) Which wasn’t that surprising either. All I do is pick the same over & over even when my eyes are on something else but all that comes home are blacks & grays. Shocking, all I wanted to do was to get all the colors on the color wheel in my closet right away. But then, once am in store I would again end up buying the same stuff. Is this a curse or what! 🀯 Will I ever get to wear something other than blacks & grays ever again?! 🀯 That’s what even I thought, until now!😎 Well, we are now about to break that curse! πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ

If you are one of those who always go back to boring cloths every time, then keep up. You won’t be doing that anymore after reading this! Now is the time to get it right and play with some fun colors & cool prints. 😌Don’t worry am not asking you to go crazy with funky neon colors(although, you should, if you like being experimental). Trust me, by the end of this you will master the theory of wearing colors & prints! 😎

Talking Fashion couldn’t be any more fun! You must have already seen bits and pieces of my new obsession over yellows & whites on my Instagram, if not go follow me there for live updates. Since it’s summer playing around with colors & prints is so much more fun. πŸ˜€What does summer remind you of? 🌞To me summer is all about seeing places, roaming around till your legs give up on you, eating mangoes & having fun in the sun even though you might later look at your tan face & go “I should have spent a lil less time under the sun”.🌻

There is no right or wrong when it comes to dressing, we all know that. Yet we worry all the time “I dunno what to wear, I have nothing to wear” has to come up every day!Well, I say, just start experimenting! Don’t stick to the same old that you think makes you look slimmer, taller, sexier or whatever. 😏 You never know there could be a new black out there waiting for you. Wondering how to find your new black? Well, that’s easy as a pie.πŸ˜‹

I’ll tell you a small fun exercise that you can simply do when you go shopping this time. Can you do that? Hello, you better do! πŸ‘‰You will thank me later. Once you do that you will no more be scared of colors & prints. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨ This is how I found out that yellow is my new black. Stick around till the end their is a surprise! πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Coming back to how you can get to a colorful wardrobe, here is what you do when you are out shopping this time!

1. Inspiration Board: Create a PinterestΒ  board & save all the fun ootd images that you like. You can do it on Instagram too, now that it’s got the save button. Just literally blindly save colorful outfits with different prints, patterns etc., You can also refer to my previous posts for some inspiration. Do as many as you like until you have enough to pick & choose from.

2. Understand The Theme: Now, go through all of those saved outfit images from Pinterest & Instagram. You will definitely notice something common among those saved images. That could be anything, a specific color or a specific stripe pattern that caught youthful attention or some abstract print to something totally different like a texture of a fabric or a weave that’s common in your saved images. Identify what that theme for you is, see how you feel. If your Fashion instinct is still not talking to you, just go to the store! Yes, just go to the store. πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

3. Go For It: πŸ‘Go to your favorite store, add everything in your cart. You’ve gotta pick at least 2 different prints & 2 different colors. Something that you love it never dared to try one yourself . Because, you are scared it might not look as good on you. Here is your chance to wear that dress that you’ve always adored on others. Don’t get into the judging mode yet.🀫😐 You know what kind of colors & prints you like from the inspiration board that you created. That’s gonna help you pick those pieces that you otherwise would never even consider for yourself. Now, try it on! You can see yourself how different the dresses look on you v/s in your imagination v/s on the manikin. Told you πŸ˜‰

4. Filter: You are now through that hard part of the fun exercise, finally! It’s gonna probably take very little to no time to filter, keeping in mind how versatile you wanna go this time. Once you try them on, take a picture if you want so you can compare yourself. I find it easier to decide when you look at all the options on your phone side by side, also easy to spot those odd lengths & unflattering hemlines in a picture. You will be now left with the most amazing piece in your hand. I promise, you will be thrilled to discover something like that could ever look good on you. And, here you were obsessing over nothing & held back from trying.

5. Let’s Celebrate & Inspire: End of the day all that matters is “do you love what you picked?” “Are you thrilled to wear it every chance you get?”. If that’s yes! I consider my job done & successfully βœ… done. l really would love to see what you picked & how helpful this has been to be fearless & happy with your clothing choices. What you wear is what you are! Do share or tag me in your pictures or DM me on Instagram personally.

XOXO πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

#insane Fashion trends that you don’t wanna miss!

Well, unsorted wardrobe can’t be your excuse to not enjoy the summer. Am here to get you out & about to beat the heat while looking like a million bucks. 🀩 Oh, yea! Who wouldn’t want that. πŸ˜‡

Summer screaming “get me” & you are super excited to go out have fun & soak up that warm sun! Wait a minute, what do I wear? Is that how most of your summer is spent? Well not anymore, all you have to do is keep reading! (best is yet to come)

If you haven’t checked out my previous post, what are you waiting for! You will be shocked to see the crap that was living in your closet, go on check it out after this.

Stepping out in the heat is one thing, but being unsure about what to wear is another. I wish there was a clothing ATM! Yes, that sounds about right, Fashion literally at your fingertips! Spending made easier.

As always, bringing you more than one style. Do you love those runway styles, but dunno how to make it yours? The answer to that is right here. I put together two outfits that are simpler version of runway styles. This should make looking trendy & current much easier for you.


I haven’t been a denim person lately, which gave me room to explore other styles like cotton pants, culottes, trousers, palazzo etc., . Also considering denims aren’t the best option for summers, trousers & palazzo are my go to. I paired these Mango trousers with a basic sleeveless shirt, mules & my new favorite mint green circle bag. As you can see these trousers make a great all rounder.

βœ“ Casual

βœ“ Formal (+lite blazer)

βœ“ Evening (+fancy top & heels)

Definitely recommend all of the mentions if you are looking to inject some current pieces into your wardrobe.

(excuse the background, struggle to get the right shot is real)

Mind you, these circle bags & pearls are huge this seasons! FYI: I have an exiting DIY coming up soon, follow me here & on other social media handle to make sure you don’t miss out.


When in sun, classic whites are the way to go. Whites make everything else pop, I guess I can say “white is the new red”. Summer wardrobe would be incomplete without shorts, these smart shorts are again comfortable & trendy.

These formal(ish) looking shorts have been on the runway way too much this year! Not to forget the color, also going to be seen everywhere for the season.

You must have already noticed from previous posts that I like to keep my outfits minimal with funky accessories. In this case it’s a Fossil hybrid watch, cool Versace sunnies & my new favorite footwear by Aldo!

These shorts can buy you multiple outfit combos & we all have our favorite wardrobe staples. Which you can mix I match with such new styles like I did here with my white camisole.

I wish to bring you all the style secrets so you can look great everyday. I do share a lot of fun stuff on my other social media. Follow me there if you’d like inn on more fashion & style tips everyday!

I am currently working toward making this place more user friendly, better picture quality & most importantly working on adding a feature that allows you to buy my styles right here! Exited? πŸ’ƒπŸ» Have so much more lined up for you guys, am sure you are going to love!


My Take On #fashionrevolution

Fashion has been one of the fast growing industry over the years. Which we all love & enjoy. But how many of us know the ugly truth behind the fast fashion? Well, it’s time to educate yourself.

By which I don’t mean to bore you nor do we have to go on a hunger strike for it (yet). Manufacturing one piece of clothing is not as simple as we think. Inhuman things like low wages to the garment workers, unpleasant work environment, opting artificial fabric like polyester, nylon or acrylic in order to increase profits. Which brings us to securing nature’s beauty. Anyhow, there are already so many articles that talk about it, am here to just share a few things that I know & follows. And I think you can do it too, just a few simple things to help.

You may ask “what can I do to help?” Well, we can always help by making small changes!

My 5 step approach toward fashion revolution!

1. Click here to Sign the Fashion Revolution Manifesto, help is just a few clicks away!

2. Take a lil time to look at the care label before you buy any clothing. All you need to avoid here would be things like polyester, microfiber, nylon & acrylic. These are artificial fabric, which are not comfortable on skin anyway. So don’t waste your money on those & hey if you can save & help at the same time then why not! Not gonna lie, you will be shocked to see how often you bump into polyesters & nylons! Remember, opt for natural fabric.

3. If you already own microfiber blends, try not to wash them as frequently. They release a fine fiber substance, so fine barely visible to naked eyes. Which is hard to separate from water during recycling process. You could also use these laundry bags called GUPPYFRIEND, you can just throw in your microfiber blends into this wash bag and that filters those fibers from going down the drain.

4. This one is fun. Inspect the label & join the #whomademyclothes initiative. Just snap a picture of your clothing label & ask who made it. Yes, brands are responsible to simply their supply chains. We as consumers should help bring this up. It would be so cool to know who made our favorite clothes.

5. Support brands & manufactures that are doing everything in their power to implement fair wages, avoiding harmful chemicals & opting for nature friendly options. Know your brand, know your designer, know how your favorite piece of clothing took that shape. You will be surprised.

Beginners Skin Care Routine

There is so much to talk today, so get comfortable. Skin care is a simple yet very complex subject. I believe we all need to take a lil time to appreciate the skin that we are blessed with & learn to take care of it.

Basic rule for perfect skin care routine would be to know your skin. The more you understand your skin’s condition, the better you will get at maintaining a healthy skin.

I follow a 3 step routine, twice a day. Ever since I have been following this, my skin feels soft & healthy all the time. Although I do face breakouts every now & then 😏 (I am looking for a miracle to solve that, if you happen to know any help me)

  1. Cleanse: As it is winter my skin is often dry & irritable. This Neutrogena oil free acne wash helps cleanse off any makeup residue. Suitable for dry to combination skin type. The gel formula helps retain the natural oils of skin. Also has salicylic acid which is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properly, in simple words fights acne causing bacteria. I prefer the acne wash on days I use makeup. On a regular basis I directly reach out to the body shop tea tree 3 in 1 wash, scrub, mask. In the morning I use it as a face wash, evening would be the time for scrub & mask if needed depending on how the skin feels. Using the scrub helps get rid of black heads & clear out pores. Tea tree works wonders in improvising my skin’s texture, reduces redness & controls acne too. I really can’t talk enough about this tea tree 3 in 1 wash, scrub & mask. It is a multipurpose product, if you are always on the go or have less time to spare for your skin or even for traveling, pack one product instead of 3 separately saves sapace. I have noticed visible difference in the way my skin looks & feels with this product. And it is suitable for all skin type
  2. Tone: My go to toner is just a simple pure rose water, it calms the skin while leaving the skin soft & hydrated. You really can’t go wrong with this, no matter what skin type you have this will work. This does not alter your skin in any way, after using all that makeup & different cleansing routine I feel the skin deserves some time off. I prefer using this in the mornings. Rose water makes for a perfect skin calming solution, just sprits a few times on the face & neck, massage gently into the skin & let it air dry before you go in with eye cream. My alternate toner for bad skin days would be the tea tree toner. On a hectic day or sleepless nights using a toner with tea tree helps rejuvenate the skin as it removes the dead skin cells which is the main purpose of using a toner.
  3. Moisturize: Frankly, this is where it gets overwhelming. I have understood the importance of this very recently & not a day I can go without a moisturizer. I like to keep alternative options, our skin has different need on different days. I mostly suffer with dry skin, which leads to breakouts then dullness & it just goes crazy. You can’t really use a cream that treats dullness when you are still struggling with acne breakouts, right! So, keeping one or two facial vitamin oils or serum concentrate handy depending on what issue you face the most. I keep tea tree oil, it helps with redness & that’s one thing I face a lot during withers. Although, in hunt for a good vitamin-E oil. A few drops of that mixed in with your favorite moisturizer as a night cream & you will wake up to the best glowing skin ever.

Here comes the stuff that we just like to ignore like nobody’s business. I guess these pointers go without saying, pretty must the basics that we tend to ignore. It is easy to get lost in the world filled with thousands of products to pick from & not known where to stop. Overloading your skin with products is just not the solution, less is more, listen to your skin.

  • Understand your skin type
  • Select products with ingredients that treat your current concerns
  • Avoid harsh chemicals
  • Try before you buy
  • Including DIY face mask can benefit retain the good skin that you already have
  • Take off the makeup completely before bed
  • Drink more water
  • Moisturize your skin, yes even if you have dry skin (gel based hydrating creams are just the thing you should look for)
  • Include SPF, either a separate product or a moisturizer/foundation with SPF
  • Not to forget the basic ingredients that always are the best rescue. Like, aloe vera gel, turmeric, honey etc.,

2018 Fashion Trends (spring/summer)

Bringing to you the finest fashion trends of the season spring/summer 2018,πŸ‘πŸ» that are too good to pass. Wouldn’t you love a personal stylist in your life! Who does all the thinking for you, tells you all about what’s trending & knows all about your preference. Just so you could step out every single day feeling like a queen, looking like a million bucks & Just wave your way out with a big smile πŸ‘‘. Hmmm, dream like. 🀩Dreams do come true my friends, dream big! I tell you all you need to Know about fashion. So, that makes me your stylist!πŸ€“ Not yo forget the added expense that you would have to pay for one. Now you have a stylist & you save your money πŸ’° how freakin cool is that! Now you can tell your friends “oh yea! I have a person stylist & it’s free”. πŸ˜‡ πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ‘

I really wanted to step it up, challenge myself so you can look & feel great with these brilliant options that help you stand out from your friends. These 3 looks are cool, comfort, easy to pull off irrespective of your shape/size while still keeping the trend aspects alive. So I asked myself, what are the 2 trends that are a big hit this season? Something playful & easy, the obvious answer was oversize patterns & off the shoulder πŸ˜€ “gotcha” πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

I know I know πŸ’­ enough on talking I’ll get to the point. You all are so enthusiastic & willing to try something new. Which gives me more reasons & challenges me to serve something unique. You are my motivation, just the thing I need right now. I have had a crazy day today, hope you are having a good one. So, to cheer myself up I am watching “Family Guy” with my partner(he introduced me to it & he is crazy obsessed), it is greatπŸ˜‚. Stewie is my favorite character, look him up he is an interesting character. What’s your favorite TV show?🀨

FYI, these looks are created using men’s wear (men’s shirts/t-shirts)! 🀩 You must think I am crazy. No, I am not. Wait for it! πŸ€“ They turned out to be some of the most trendy & comfortable looks I could ever imagine. I can’t believe no one has thought of it before! You have been missing out on this big time, not anymore!

We all love the easy breezy oversized shirt trend & the classy to sexy off the shoulder are staples for the season. Why would you invest on an oversized shirt/t-shirt when you could just grab one straight from the closet of your favorite man (dad, brother, husband, boyfriend etc.,) in the whole wide world!

Look 1:

You can’t go wrong with wide leg striped pants paired with a classic printed tee i.e. off course oversized (PS: I grabbed mine from my husband’s closet) knotted in the front or back whatever suits your style. 😌 There you go, now you have a new outfit for the spring. Wearing men’s clothing is really cool! It is going to look different in the right way & you are gonna get asked about that particular item, be prepared to amuse your friends. 😍

Perfect for the spring with a lite jacket on or as is for the hot summer. The easy breezy features keep you going, feeling comfortable & put together without any extra efforts. You could also pair this with sneakers, a cap , backpack & you are good to go.

Look 2:

One for the skirt love! You’ve got to try this, you will love it. Going to the mall, spending all time & energy in looking for “the” right off shoulder top. Coming home empty handed, don’t even get me started on that, the struggle is real. You don’t worry, I got you covered. A statement embellished fitted skirt paired with a full arm shirt. So, yeah! that shirt is not mine. I bet you couldn’t tell that when you first looked at it. Just start to button up from the 2nd or 3rd button, should do the trick, making sure you leave enough room to create that off the shoulder effect. Now, roll up the sleeves & crisscross the rest bottom part of the shirt tied into a knot which will then be tucked inside to make it look like it is cropped. That’s it, you now own an off the shoulder top, while having spent zero penny & all that at the comfort of your own house! Wait, what? Am I dreaming? Pinch me. Nothing can top that, I cantell you that much.Look 3:

Here comes the big one! A simple, perfectly oversized t-shirt dress kinda look. Cozy & comfortable paired with the hottest thigh high boots. I don’t intend to told you for long with my detailed description. Go on, see it yourself.It’s it an energy boosting kind of look! Hands down, my favorite. Button down shirt dresses create a tall illusion, making you look slimmer with the oversized pattern. The rolled up sleeves are a way to show off your confidence in an outfit.

That’s a great point to end with, hope you liked all of them. Tag it, when you try it. You know where to find me, right? Here, Insta & Facebook. 😍 Let me know how you like these kind of posts, leave your thoughts . Let’s be friends, join the group. Subscribe! Incase you missed my super sassy date night looks click here!