Affordable Athleisure Outfit Brands

Hey Hey! A lot has changed in the last year, my wardrobe being one of them. Earlier I loved exploring all the trends and wanted to wear them all, now it’s more of “comfort and practically” of it all.

Who’s ready to get out and move a little? Or should I say move a looooot!

On one hand I am super excited to get dressed and go out but on the other I just want to walk walk and walk forever out in the open air!

Which means, more athleisure for me! Loving GAPfit and Athleta so far, they are not low on pricing but definitely getting what you pay for.

One thing I observed when finding a brand that’s not too polyestery was my biggest challenge, I prefer soft breathable material that also holds well and is durable, of course cute and stylish.

GAPfit and Athleta stood out, in terms of comfort price style and sizing options for the bra tops.

Click the link for my favorite picks

I got a pair of leggings with POCKETS from GAPfit, a pair of wide cut pant and a high impact bra top from Athleta

Love them all! Here is how I like to style them!

Am more then thrilled to be able to get out of the house without fear, thanks to science for the vaccine.

Have you gotten yours yet? I hope you get it soon!

Stay Safe _ Have Fun _ Move

One response to “Affordable Athleisure Outfit Brands”

  1. Shailaja Suresh Avatar
    Shailaja Suresh

    pretty as ever & smart fit. God bless you always

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