Ootd Planner/ Closet Cleanse Part-2

Something as simple as planning shrinks down all your problems, everything starts to look rainbows and unicorns! (Not literally of course)

Would you agree?

Pre plan what to wear from Monday to Friday for the next couple days/weeks, then you wear it and end of the day you decide if you want to keep it or pass it along!

Make sense? Here’s how you can get started:

1. Events/weather check:

Look up your calendar and check the weather forecast to see what’s coming up to make sure you assign a suitable outfit.

It could be as small as going out to pick up groceries or taking a walk coz the sun is going to be out. There is nothing wrong in dressing up, as long as you feel like it. Just plan it!

2. Assortment by category:

I suggest planning your outfits by category. For example, I wear skirts, pants and dresses so I put them in the order of “Day1 Skirt -Day2 Dress- Day3 Pant” and repeat! This will make sure you don’t miss out on any styles and helps compare side by side and find your true comfort! Also helps a lot in narrowing down your shopping list, we will be able to stick to what we need, over “oh that’s a cool offer”, get it?

3. Enjoy:

Just sit back and enjoy the looks, everyday fashion need not be boring nor uncomfortable. Just gotta take the time to figure out what suits your lifestyle, personal style and comfort.

May be by the end of this series you will reach a sweet spot and won’t every have to waste time thinking “what do I wear” OR even better, you won’t end up spending money buying random stuff, sooooo not sustainable.

Alright then get started, share if you would like, message me if you want help, I’ll be there for you as your cleanse your closet & then we can celebrate the clutter free state of wardrobe together!

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