Closet Cleanse

I decided to do a close cleanse! Super thrilled to be able to take you along and share my learnings along the way!

The goal with this cleanse is to reach that sweet spot!

Meaning, to be left with only the pieces that will grow with you and those that you truly love and look forward to!

Why do a closet cleans?

I am doing this to reinvent my style and to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Your reason could be anything, wanting to make dressing up in the morning easy, want to become mindful as a buyer, just want to know what’s hidden on the closet and get the best use for it!

I did a closet clear out 9 months ago, I went hard on myself and yet am doing a closet cleanse.

During the last year, I have a very clear understanding my style needs than ever before and this is the perfect time to sort out and be ready to check off all the things from your “things to do post vaccinations”!

How to do a closet cleanse?

Look out for PART -2 coming out on Friday!

There is no rule to doing it a particular way, I will be starting out with pre planning outfits on weekly basis. Meaning, I first need to study what I already own to decide what next.

I really hope you can stick around till the end to see the transformation, to make it more easy, I will continue to share micro blog posts to save your precious time!

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  1. Love this series, can’t wait to see more

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