How To Self care Sunday!

❄️ ❄️❄️ Exfoliate and Hydrate ❄️❄️❄️

We can’t help but slow down on Sundays, trying to relax and refuel!

Dedicating a few extra minutes for self care can add to your relaxation, feel the shoulders drop and hear the sound of your breath! Hmmmm isn’t a perfect end to your weekend…

While I try not to restrict self care to just Sundays, doing some form of self care to wind up at the end of everyday can be helpful.

Few things I have been doing for years now 🤞🏻 (I hope it never changes) is to end my day with a shower followed by skin care and a glass of hot water!

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In the past year I’ve added 2 more to the routine which surprisingly don’t take much time but make a huge difference!

That’s exfoliating before getting into the shower with a dry brush and moisturizing with Shea butter post shower nothing short of a treat especially during winter months.


Knowing 2 jobs gets done in one act, you just can’t take a pass! Dry brushing helps exfoliate and detox, pretty cool right?

I have to say it does more good that just exfoliate and detox, I have definitely seen smoother skin, no ingrown hair from razor shaving, hair grows back softer (which is really cool, and I am having hard time believing, still observing though) if you have used dry brushing and noticed this difference then plz let us know, am always up for some fun girl talks!


How do I even begin this, from moisturizing 2-3 times a day to ones daily! Surprised? Well, during my pregnancy while on one had I was trying to stick to natural products I was also very conscious about stretch marks, I had to do something and decided to pick up a tub of 100% pure Shea butter, used it every single day for a year and the rest is history.

Thinking back I now see how good of a moisturizer it was and started using the same this winter. I am convinced its a blessing, I love it!

Take a chill pill

See you next time!


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