Weight loss – 5 Things To Do (Postpartum)

Summing up 5 things I did to losses weight after pregnancy:

  1. Food Discrimination: building a clean relationship with food is very important! Eating something just because it’s healthy or ristrictig your self from cravings is not the definition of weight loss in my opinion. The diet you need to follow is a well balanced diet! Carbs, fats, protein, fiber, vitamins etc.,
  2. E.X.E.R.C.I.S.E am sure you don’t need to hear me talking about the same old same old, you know it so just do it! A simple 30min physical activity will add up to your results, walking and skipping are very effective and can be easily adapted into any lifestyle.
  3. Distraction: Ever wondered how your favorite celebrities look the way they do? They got so much to get done that craving for a piece of cake is the last thing on their minds. I most certainly eat more randomly when I am free than compared to other times, just gotta find something to keep your minds busy. I hope you got my point.
  4. Gadgets: we all love them a little too much, time to draw that line. To keep it simple and doable try to put down all the gadgets at least 30 mins before going to bed and avoid at least for 30 mins after you wake up. You will sleep better, your skin will start to look different and you most certainly will find the time to workout or even prep for some healthy breakfast to start your day.
  5. Start Low, Go Slow: there is no need for speed. Having a long term and a short term goal will keep you motivated. Introduce one new thing at a time and give it time until it starts to feel like the new normal, that way you won’t have to overwhelm yourself. For ex; let’s say you decided to wave off specialty drinks and sodas, now you try to stick with it for 20 days before you start another new thing like may be decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator and so on.


  • We gotta give time to our body to heal and regenerate, listen to your body and take one step at a time.
  • These are the things I truly believe will work if done consistently, patience is the key.
  • Feeling lively and energetic has always been the goal, postnatal weight loss can be simple when you know what you are dealing with. Do your research, understand how you can gently and safely get this done.
  • Talk to your friends that are going through the same phase as you
  • These 5 things are for you if you are willing to obtain long term results, meaning loss weight and keep it that way.
  • Weight loss takes time and effort, be consistent and you will get there!

I hope this was helpful, I will be sharing more tips as we go. If these tips seam irrelevant, then don’t. These are some of very essential building blocks to obtain results in a sustainable way. These 5 tips changed my life, I have personally implemented these for loosing and maintaining a steady physic for as long as before, during and after pregnancy. And I am positive this method will yield you results!

– Pooja

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