Summer Favorites!

I usually enjoy being on a hut for the greatest deals and steals, with lots of specifications. It’s fun and puzzle, keeps me away from “shoppers guild”

SHOP MY LOOK (jumpsuit & white floral shirt is on sale for under 20$)

Respectively, when I see “The One” kinda stuff, I just go for it. These sunnies and this while floral organza shirt are few such buys.

If I had a nickel for everytime I heard someone say “white shirt is a must have” _ _ _ _ _ _ . But, honestly I’ve tried and hated it, coz a plain white button down shirt just isn’t my style. So when I saw this really pretty floral shirt I straight away went to the billing counter.

I mean just look at it, it’s so different, stylish, chic, yet so subtle and it’s got the 2020 style aspects (balloon style). Can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t have it!

Coming to my almost world famous sunnies, it is one of my very first luxury designer goods ever. I randomly just grabbed it, wore it, loved it and brought it! It simply stole away my ❤️ 💸. Funny thing, I wasn’t even aware it was tagged as “Luxury Designer Piece”.

On the other hand, I just went Gaga for this cute little 30$ jumpsuit in the clearance department of Old Navy store. It is pretty, fits great, stylish, cool & chic, great quality! This is now my every day summer favorite. I was there with my mom looking for something for my brother and daughter. Guess what? Walked out with this jumpsuit only 😆

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