Skin Care – 3 Basic Thumb Rulers

Hello beautiful people, hope you are doing great. Always happy to have you here!

From those days where we went out with literally nothing on the face (yes, not even sun block) if you’ve done this leave a 🐒 in the comments) and ended up with a red face/sun burnt/never disappearing acne scars m/sun spots from all that unprotected sun exposure, to the day where we all realize the importance of preserving and protecting our skin to keep looking younger for longer or you might just wanna play it safe!

I literally studied my skin and took notes of what works and what doesn’t work for my specific skin concerns.

Click HERE to checkout the playlist, these videos have in-depth information.

Breaking it down to 3 basic categories:


1. Prevent

2. Preserve

3. Rejuvenate

How can I prevent?

Use sunblock every day in the morning before heading out. Any sunblock needs reapplication which is mentioned on the packaging, following those instructions is crucial. You can either use physical or chemical sunblock, click here to learn what suits you the best. Limit direct sun exposure if and when possible. Sunglasses and hats are a big go go.

How can I preserve?

As we age our skin cells get lazy in doing their job, which is to shred the dead skin. So, feed your cells & help them by exfoliating. You could either opt a physical or chemical exfoliation (physical exfoliating is good to start with). Add tropical vitaminC to your everyday skincare, eat foods rich in vitaminC like oranges, pumpkins, sesame seeds etc.,

How can I rejuvenate?

Now that you know how to take care of your existing skin by preventing and preserving you can safely upgrade. Mind you, the more you prevent & preserve the better your skin will rejuvenate. Hydration is very important, both internally and tropically. Drink more water, eat foods that are rich in water content. Apply a good hydrating serum twice a day, yes I said serum.


Favorite Products That I Am Currently Using And Recommend:



  • I use moisturizer, can I skip serum?

Serums are designed to penetrate deep into the skin and work from inside, where as moisture works from the surface. Moisturizer is to prevent any unwanted pollutants from entering your skin/pores.

  • Should I use sunscreen even when it is cloudy/rainy?

Yes, you might not see the sun because of the clouds but he is still out and the rays are still reaching you.

  • How do pick my sunscreen?

Anything between SPF 25++ to SPF 50++, higher the number less frequent application needed.

  • What is ++?

Some packaging refer as UVA/UVB or ++

    What is physical exfoliating?

These are tiny grains that help scrub off the dead skin, be gentle. These grains can be obtained naturally or artificially. Natural ways are safer for the consumers as well as our environment.

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