#insane Fashion trends that you don’t wanna miss!

Well, unsorted wardrobe can’t be your excuse to not enjoy the summer. Am here to get you out & about to beat the heat while looking like a million bucks. 🤩 Oh, yea! Who wouldn’t want that. 😇

Summer screaming “get me” & you are super excited to go out have fun & soak up that warm sun! Wait a minute, what do I wear? Is that how most of your summer is spent? Well not anymore, all you have to do is keep reading! (best is yet to come)

If you haven’t checked out my previous post, what are you waiting for! You will be shocked to see the crap that was living in your closet, go on check it out after this.

Stepping out in the heat is one thing, but being unsure about what to wear is another. I wish there was a clothing ATM! Yes, that sounds about right, Fashion literally at your fingertips! Spending made easier.

As always, bringing you more than one style. Do you love those runway styles, but dunno how to make it yours? The answer to that is right here. I put together two outfits that are simpler version of runway styles. This should make looking trendy & current much easier for you.


I haven’t been a denim person lately, which gave me room to explore other styles like cotton pants, culottes, trousers, palazzo etc., . Also considering denims aren’t the best option for summers, trousers & palazzo are my go to. I paired these Mango trousers with a basic sleeveless shirt, mules & my new favorite mint green circle bag. As you can see these trousers make a great all rounder.

✓ Casual

✓ Formal (+lite blazer)

✓ Evening (+fancy top & heels)

Definitely recommend all of the mentions if you are looking to inject some current pieces into your wardrobe.

(excuse the background, struggle to get the right shot is real)

Mind you, these circle bags & pearls are huge this seasons! FYI: I have an exiting DIY coming up soon, follow me here & on other social media handle to make sure you don’t miss out.


When in sun, classic whites are the way to go. Whites make everything else pop, I guess I can say “white is the new red”. Summer wardrobe would be incomplete without shorts, these smart shorts are again comfortable & trendy.

These formal(ish) looking shorts have been on the runway way too much this year! Not to forget the color, also going to be seen everywhere for the season.

You must have already noticed from previous posts that I like to keep my outfits minimal with funky accessories. In this case it’s a Fossil hybrid watch, cool Versace sunnies & my new favorite footwear by Aldo!

These shorts can buy you multiple outfit combos & we all have our favorite wardrobe staples. Which you can mix I match with such new styles like I did here with my white camisole.

I wish to bring you all the style secrets so you can look great everyday. I do share a lot of fun stuff on my other social media. Follow me there if you’d like inn on more fashion & style tips everyday!

I am currently working toward making this place more user friendly, better picture quality & most importantly working on adding a feature that allows you to buy my styles right here! Exited? 💃🏻 Have so much more lined up for you guys, am sure you are going to love!


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