My Take On #fashionrevolution

Fashion has been one of the fast growing industry over the years. Which we all love & enjoy. But how many of us know the ugly truth behind the fast fashion? Well, it’s time to educate yourself.

By which I don’t mean to bore you nor do we have to go on a hunger strike for it (yet). Manufacturing one piece of clothing is not as simple as we think. Inhuman things like low wages to the garment workers, unpleasant work environment, opting artificial fabric like polyester, nylon or acrylic in order to increase profits. Which brings us to securing nature’s beauty. Anyhow, there are already so many articles that talk about it, am here to just share a few things that I know & follows. And I think you can do it too, just a few simple things to help.

You may ask “what can I do to help?” Well, we can always help by making small changes!

My 5 step approach toward fashion revolution!

1. Click here to Sign the Fashion Revolution Manifesto, help is just a few clicks away!

2. Take a lil time to look at the care label before you buy any clothing. All you need to avoid here would be things like polyester, microfiber, nylon & acrylic. These are artificial fabric, which are not comfortable on skin anyway. So don’t waste your money on those & hey if you can save & help at the same time then why not! Not gonna lie, you will be shocked to see how often you bump into polyesters & nylons! Remember, opt for natural fabric.

3. If you already own microfiber blends, try not to wash them as frequently. They release a fine fiber substance, so fine barely visible to naked eyes. Which is hard to separate from water during recycling process. You could also use these laundry bags called GUPPYFRIEND, you can just throw in your microfiber blends into this wash bag and that filters those fibers from going down the drain.

4. This one is fun. Inspect the label & join the #whomademyclothes initiative. Just snap a picture of your clothing label & ask who made it. Yes, brands are responsible to simply their supply chains. We as consumers should help bring this up. It would be so cool to know who made our favorite clothes.

5. Support brands & manufactures that are doing everything in their power to implement fair wages, avoiding harmful chemicals & opting for nature friendly options. Know your brand, know your designer, know how your favorite piece of clothing took that shape. You will be surprised.

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