The Body Shop- Beginners Skin Care Routine

There is so much to talk today, so get comfortable. Skin care is a simple yet very complex subject. I believe we all need to take a lil time to appreciate the skin that we are blessed with & learn to take care of it.

Basic rule for perfect skin care routine would be to know your skin. The more you understand your skin’s condition, the better you will get at maintaining a healthy skin.

I follow a 3 step routine, twice a day. Ever since I have been following this, my skin feels soft & healthy all the time. Although I do face breakouts every now & then šŸ˜ (I am looking for a miracle to solve that, if you happen to know any help me)

  1. Cleanse: As it is winter my skin is often dry & irritable. This Neutrogena oil free acne wash helps cleanse off any makeup residue. Suitable for dry to combination skin type. The gel formula helps retain the natural oils of skin. Also has salicylic acid which is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properly, in simple words fights acne causing bacteria. I prefer the acne wash on days I use makeup. On a regular basis I directly reach out to the body shop tea tree 3 in 1 wash, scrub, mask. In the morning I use it as a face wash, evening would be the time for scrub & mask if needed depending on how the skin feels. Using the scrub helps get rid of black heads & clear out pores. Tea tree works wonders in improvising my skin’s texture, reduces redness & controls acne too. I really can’t talk enough about this tea tree 3 in 1 wash, scrub & mask. It is a multipurpose product, if you are always on the go or have less time to spare for your skin or even for traveling, pack one product instead of 3 separately saves sapace. I have noticed visible difference in the way my skin looks & feels with this product. And it is suitable for all skin type
  2. Tone: My go to toner is just a simple pure rose water, it calms the skin while leaving the skin soft & hydrated. You really can’t go wrong with this, no matter what skin type you have this will work. This does not alter your skin in any way, after using all that makeup & different cleansing routine I feel the skin deserves some time off. I prefer using this in the mornings. Rose water makes for a perfect skin calming solution, just sprits a few times on the face & neck, massage gently into the skin & let it air dry before you go in with eye cream. My alternate toner for bad skin days would be the tea tree toner. On a hectic day or sleepless nights using a toner with tea tree helps rejuvenate the skin as it removes the dead skin cells which is the main purpose of using a toner.
  3. Moisturize: Frankly, this is where it gets overwhelming. I have understood the importance of this very recently & not a day I can go without a moisturizer. I like to keep alternative options, our skin has different need on different days. I mostly suffer with dry skin, which leads to breakouts then dullness & it just goes crazy. You can’t really use a cream that treats dullness when you are still struggling with acne breakouts, right! So, keeping one or two facial vitamin oils or serum concentrate handy depending on what issue you face the most. I keep tea tree oil, it helps with redness & that’s one thing I face a lot during withers. Although, in hunt for a good vitamin-E oil. A few drops of that mixed in with your favorite moisturizer as a night cream & you will wake up to the best glowing skin ever.

Here comes the stuff that we just like to ignore like nobody’s business. I guess these pointers go without saying, pretty must the basics that we tend to ignore. It is easy to get lost in the world filled with thousands of products to pick from & not known where to stop. Overloading your skin with products is just not the solution, less is more, listen to your skin.

  • Understand your skin type
  • Select products with ingredients that treat your current concerns
  • Avoid harsh chemicals
  • Try before you buy
  • Including DIY face mask can benefit retain the good skin that you already have
  • Take off the makeup completely before bed
  • Drink more water
  • Moisturize your skin, yes even if you have dry skin (gel based hydrating creams are just the thing you should look for)
  • Include SPF, either a separate product or a moisturizer/foundation with SPF
  • Not to forget the basic ingredients that always are the best rescue. Like, aloe vera gel, turmeric, honey etc.,

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