2018 Fashion Trends (spring/summer)

Bringing to you the finest fashion trends of the season spring/summer 2018,πŸ‘πŸ» that are too good to pass. Wouldn’t you love a personal stylist in your life! Who does all the thinking for you, tells you all about what’s trending & knows all about your preference. Just so you could step out every single day feeling like a queen, looking like a million bucks & Just wave your way out with a big smile πŸ‘‘. Hmmm, dream like. 🀩Dreams do come true my friends, dream big! I tell you all you need to Know about fashion. So, that makes me your stylist!πŸ€“ Not yo forget the added expense that you would have to pay for one. Now you have a stylist & you save your money πŸ’° how freakin cool is that! Now you can tell your friends “oh yea! I have a person stylist & it’s free”. πŸ˜‡ πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ‘

I really wanted to step it up, challenge myself so you can look & feel great with these brilliant options that help you stand out from your friends. These 3 looks are cool, comfort, easy to pull off irrespective of your shape/size while still keeping the trend aspects alive. So I asked myself, what are the 2 trends that are a big hit this season? Something playful & easy, the obvious answer was oversize patterns & off the shoulder πŸ˜€ “gotcha” πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

I know I know πŸ’­ enough on talking I’ll get to the point. You all are so enthusiastic & willing to try something new. Which gives me more reasons & challenges me to serve something unique. You are my motivation, just the thing I need right now. I have had a crazy day today, hope you are having a good one. So, to cheer myself up I am watching “Family Guy” with my partner(he introduced me to it & he is crazy obsessed), it is greatπŸ˜‚. Stewie is my favorite character, look him up he is an interesting character. What’s your favorite TV show?🀨

FYI, these looks are created using men’s wear (men’s shirts/t-shirts)! 🀩 You must think I am crazy. No, I am not. Wait for it! πŸ€“ They turned out to be some of the most trendy & comfortable looks I could ever imagine. I can’t believe no one has thought of it before! You have been missing out on this big time, not anymore!

We all love the easy breezy oversized shirt trend & the classy to sexy off the shoulder are staples for the season. Why would you invest on an oversized shirt/t-shirt when you could just grab one straight from the closet of your favorite man (dad, brother, husband, boyfriend etc.,) in the whole wide world!

Look 1:

You can’t go wrong with wide leg striped pants paired with a classic printed tee i.e. off course oversized (PS: I grabbed mine from my husband’s closet) knotted in the front or back whatever suits your style. 😌 There you go, now you have a new outfit for the spring. Wearing men’s clothing is really cool! It is going to look different in the right way & you are gonna get asked about that particular item, be prepared to amuse your friends. 😍

Perfect for the spring with a lite jacket on or as is for the hot summer. The easy breezy features keep you going, feeling comfortable & put together without any extra efforts. You could also pair this with sneakers, a cap , backpack & you are good to go.

Look 2:

One for the skirt love! You’ve got to try this, you will love it. Going to the mall, spending all time & energy in looking for “the” right off shoulder top. Coming home empty handed, don’t even get me started on that, the struggle is real. You don’t worry, I got you covered. A statement embellished fitted skirt paired with a full arm shirt. So, yeah! that shirt is not mine. I bet you couldn’t tell that when you first looked at it. Just start to button up from the 2nd or 3rd button, should do the trick, making sure you leave enough room to create that off the shoulder effect. Now, roll up the sleeves & crisscross the rest bottom part of the shirt tied into a knot which will then be tucked inside to make it look like it is cropped. That’s it, you now own an off the shoulder top, while having spent zero penny & all that at the comfort of your own house! Wait, what? Am I dreaming? Pinch me. Nothing can top that, I cantell you that much.Look 3:

Here comes the big one! A simple, perfectly oversized t-shirt dress kinda look. Cozy & comfortable paired with the hottest thigh high boots. I don’t intend to told you for long with my detailed description. Go on, see it yourself.It’s it an energy boosting kind of look! Hands down, my favorite. Button down shirt dresses create a tall illusion, making you look slimmer with the oversized pattern. The rolled up sleeves are a way to show off your confidence in an outfit.

That’s a great point to end with, hope you liked all of them. Tag it, when you try it. You know where to find me, right? Here, Insta & Facebook. 😍 Let me know how you like these kind of posts, leave your thoughts . Let’s be friends, join the group. Subscribe! Incase you missed my super sassy date night looks click here!

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