What to wear this Valentine’s Day (date night outfit)♥️

Hello there! Happy valentines.🍾🥂It’s time for some fashion love my friends. 🧚🏻‍♀️ Not gonna write too much today. But, definitely going to leave you with something awesome.👠So these are a few looks that any one can pull off & easy to put to gather.

Since we all run around looking for the perfect dress for the perfect day, most often we loose track & end up with “no so happy” look. If you are of these then you have come to the right place. 👏🧣

First thing first: Have you organized your closet? 🤔 Hurry up, you are missing out on an amazing life saving tips! Click here🍫 to read.

So, now that you are all set let’s dive in! 🍓Here are a few valentines bonus that will work perfect even in your daily life, for special occasions & on days where you want to feel on top of the world 🧚🏻‍♀️, feel free to try these even then!

Starting off , I guess these pictures speak louder than words. Although, I will talk where necessary.🙋‍♀️

Look 1

A very super casual day to night transitional outfits.⛳️ I know a lot you don’t want the whole world to know you are on a date. With this you can keep your excitement to yourself, playing around with accessories to make the outfit look special. With a pop of color (bold red lip & red closed pointy toe flats) 👠 that will keep up the spirit of valentines ,🌹while still staying a casual distressed denim look.

Look 2:Here comes one for the black lovers. I was quite surprised the way this look turned out. If it hadn’t been for an organized closet (click here to read), this look would have never existed. While considering the trend elements, jumpsuits are a great addition to any wardrobe. On top that, it being a black & wide legged patter! totally a steel.🍒 You could wear it in so many ways, I can’t even being to explain.🤑In this I tried 2 variations just to show how you can dress up or dress down an outfit, you will have endless looks to play with.

You can see how I considered silver as a pop up color & kept it minimal with silver pointy toe stiletto heel, a simple black glittery clutch to add some texture & off course red nails with bold red lip color.

And, time for freebie! bonus! 💃🏼🥂🤑

  • Take the same black wide legged jumpsuit, the bold red lip, those sexy stilettos & just throw on a red waist belt.

As simple as that, you can see how much of a difference this belt makes & no one gets hurt (your wallet 🤑 specially). 🎒 It is simple, edgy, classy, trendy, romantic etc., all that you would want in so called “The Perfect” outfit. This has to be my favorite, which outfit is your favorite? Comment below I would love to know ❤️

Look 3

The official date night look that screams “it’s Valentine’s Day”. The perfect outfit if you are feeling on top of the world, don’t care what others say or thing (Infact! you are right, live life like never before) just want to indulge yourself in to the Valentine’s spirit. I hear you, this look is perfect for you.

A sexy red dress! 🎁I normally wouldn’t pick a dress like this. Buy, hey! It’s a special occasion dress. End of the day, we all need rewards that make us feel with it & something to look forward to. So, go bold! Here is what got my eyes on this. It has a sheer satin finish, a perfect red tone that’s not super blinding. Most of the red dresses are blinding. Trust me, it is so difficult to find the perfect red, so grab it while you can. 🛍 This has the perfect combo of sexy yet bossy with it’s suit like lapel & the buttons that give out the illusion of double breasted coats. 📌

I sure enjoyed putting this together for you guys. Hope you had fun too 🙌. Now go to my instagram & leave “📌” on my latest post & it will be our lil secret 🤫 Happy Valentine’s Day 😍

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