What’s trending ?

Hellooo 👋

For having taken a big break, gonna leave you with a very exiting trend that’s been around for quite a long time. Also is one of my favorite trend! 

So that being said let’s check it out 💁

When I came across this trend all I could see was it being styled in different ways for the fashion weeks by some amazing brands like Dior, Burberry to affordable brands like H&M & Forever21. It was fascinating to see it making its way all the way from street style to bridal wear to haute couture. How interesting does that sound to you?

Well well well it is none other than “Accordion Pleats”. Does that remind of any of your favorite looks that you might have saved to your “to buy” list 😬 What can I say, after all it is worth owning 👗 Love the trend, the fact the it is so versatile makes me wanna own one. Be it in the form of classic black dress or a neon summer look, the accordion slays it all!

Although I loved it I was hesitant to get one as I was looking for something that I hadn’t seen anywhere, which can get a lil intimidating over time. After a while I even stopped looking & then I received one from my aunt & sister as a gift. When least expected, how cool is that! 💃🏻 Did they read my mind? 🤫 Could be 🤔 really?   Let’s take a moment here & see how pretty the accordion dress is. I wanted to leave it all up to the dress to play it’s charm so paired with simple sling bag & silver stilettos. I mean that’s gotta be the prettiest accordion dress, right!

Check the link to get inspired by this amazing accordion trend here: https://pin.it/h7kbwngjp4kn65

That’s it for now, won’t be bugging you for too long! Neither do I like reading a lengthy blog 🤪 facts right….

See you soon…. Come say hi over Insta/FB let’s keep in touch! 

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