10 habits towards healthier hair 💁 (hair loss cure)

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Something different happening this time, hope you like it. I often get questions about hair care. Like, how to avoid hair fall? How to get shiny hair? How to everything, you get it. So here are 10 steps that I believe should be introduced into your life if you are going through any kinds of hair concerns. 

No matter what your concerns are the secret lies in these 10 steps. If you are expecting for those fancy products to magically make your hair amazing then “Stop” it ain’t happening. If that were the case we all would have had the best hair by now. Apart from the basic of basic stuff like eating clean, exercising, drinking more water etc., these 10 habits will make huge difference. Try it, you will thank me for it.

“Give it 15 mins & it will give you strong & lovely hair forever”

Everything mentioned below helps reduce hair fall, encourages hair growth, adds shine & strengths your hair. All the info shared here can easily be implemented on any hair type. Hope these will help you achieve your dream hair.

Regular Oiling

Treating your hair & scalp with oil every week helps nourish & moisturizer. Always choose oils based on the issues. Like, go for coconut oil for delicate & flimsy hair, olive oil to treat dandruff etc., the list goes on. You know the drill, we all know how important it is to oil but never do. Well you shouldn’t ignore anymore, if you want better & healthy hair.

Hair mask

  Using a hair mask is like a treat for your hair. Just like how you go want ice cream treats now & then so does your hair. Here you allow your hair to relax for all the trouble it has had throughout the week. Even better, go for a hair spa once a month. Home made DIY hair mask customized considering your hair concern is the best. Do not use store brought hair mask if you face a lot of hair fall already. 

Sulfate & silicone free products

Always pick your shampoo & conditioner carefully. Make sure you cross check the ingredients & avoid the products that have sulfate and/or silicone in it.

Silk pillow case 

Using a silk pillow case is very beneficial for both skin & hair. Silk by itself has a tone of properties apart from it being a complete natural fabric. The soft surface helps control the friction which in turn leads to less damage to your hair & skin. Often silk is also linked to anti-aging product. Also do change your pillow case once a week.  

Target dry & itchy scalp 

Reason behind treating dry & itchy scalp is very simple. Dry scalp = unhealthy scalp = less strength = HAIR FALL. Last thing you would want is investing all that time & effort into taking good care & yet see hair fall still wondering around you. Use of ingredients like yogurt, egg yolk etc., helps retain the natural moisture that your hair produce time to time. You should bring in all these changes hand in hand for a better, quicker & long-lasting results.

Avoid heat

Most heating tools like straightening, curing irons etc., cause long term damage to your hair. Avoid such heating tools as much as you can. For the times when you can’t avoid hearing tools make sure to use good heat protecting sprays beforehand & wash off as soon as you can or the very next day.

Be gentle

I can’t stress on this enough. Always take care of your hair like you take care of that one special dress in your wardrobe. From oiling, shampooing to drying, combing etc., you should be very gentle.

    • Do not comb on wet hair
    • Do not go to bed with wet hair
    • Use finger tips for massaging
    • Do not over oil
    • Use cotton ball to apply oil
    • Use soft cotton t-Shirt to dry hair
    • Trim off split ends every 3 months until they disappear
    • Do not wash your too often like every single day, twice a week is decent

    Braid before bed

    Loosely braid hour hair before going to bed, also when you are at home & you don’t need to worry about styling certain way. This will helps prevent unnecessary damage & promotes hair growth.

    Avoid hair dryer

    Do you really want me to talk on this? Am sure by now you would have figured out how much damage it could bring to your hair if used regularly. Always let your hair air dry, it helps retain the shine & volume. If you very much “want” to use a hair dryer then give it off to your sister so you are not tempted to use it again. At least until you get to a place where your hair is strong enough to recover from the damage.

    Do not dye or bleach

    This could be one of the root cause for your hair loss. If coloring is mandatory, you should avoid the bleaching process & instead opt for the type of coloring that does not use the bleach. Yes, such kind does exist. If not, just give it up for a while or opt for coloring once a year or so. The main motto here is to avoid piling up all chemicals on your hair and allowing it to breath. Doing this will drastically reduce hair fall. 

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